Post-FEST Update

I think everyone has just about recovered from FEST 10. Good times were had by all.  Thanks to everyone that stopped by and picked something up at the Flea Market or saw one of our bands play. Now that the dust has settled we have a few things to update you on:

1.  The Future Now “Hangman/The Runaway” 7″ is available and for sale.  It rules. Buy it!

2. Post Teens have been getting some love for their new 7″.  Check out reviews from ( and (

3. We just added new buttons from Chris Wollard and the Ship Thieves, Averkiou, The Future Now and our own Sound Study Recordings design in the webstore.  They are FREE with any purchase.  We also just added the new 12″ Parasites EP from Coliseum.

4.  If you want to own City of Ship’s “Look What God Did to Us” on vinyl, buy it immediately.  We only have three copies left until that baby is out of print!


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