More Love for the Post Teens 7″

More great reviews of the Post Teens 7″.  Check ’em out!

“There’s a no-nonsense honesty to Post Teens’ resurrected old-school punk sound that’s quite beautiful. Songs blaze by in 60 to 90 seconds driven by raw, chunky guitars with a rough, unvarnished veneer and surprisingly durable hooks.”

-Alternative Press

“This is a rip roaring mini-feast of truly fuzzed up garage punk, mixed with the tiniest bits of melodic fury thrown in to make this a huge beast of a release.  With a production that does little more than coral the rambunctiousness of the band into a sound that is a pure joy to behold, Post Teens lay down the gauntlet to all and sundry with one of the best singles of 2011.”

-SugarBuzz Magazine



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